Welcome to BeckWay Group

BeckWay Group offers three core services that uniquely deliver an execution platform for middle-market financial sponsors and their portfolio companies. Our role is to complement and deepen operating resources to optimize the investment value of privately held businesses. We are not a consulting firm. Instead, we leverage our experienced executives, operations professionals, proprietary software and extensive, deep relationships with individuals and specialist firms to deliver insight and “hands on, go to where the work is” execution horsepower.

Purposeful, practical and principled.
Backed by proven, rapid and lasting results.

How We Do It

BeckWay’s Execution Platform for Private Equity supports maximum EBITDA growth during the portfolio company hold period, through 3 key benefits for its member firms and their portfolio companies:

  • Trailblazers Operating Partners dedicated to each portfolio company through an affordable fractional ownership model
  • Tracking Technologies Enable executive teams and their boards to target, track and triage strategic initiatives directly from the cloud
  • Talent Finders Objectively source and manage as-needed hard-to-find independent contractors and boutique consulting firms to help management teams augment and accelerate their implementation

Our People