Dale Malzi


Dale Malzi is a Director at Beckway Group. He has 21 years of successful plant manufacturing leadership experience and 7 years of consulting experience. Dale is passionate about leadership and creating value that provide proven results. He has shown positive results with many organizations to include the oil and gas industries, manufacturing, and high-speed packaging. Dale concentrates on lean manufacturing, industrial maintenance, process, and manufacturing engineering along with capital asset management and improvement. He is an Industrial Maintenance Subject Matter Expert that helps organizations build strong and effective asset management.

Prior to joining Beckway Group, Dale was a Senior Management Consultant with Hitachi Consulting and Celerant Consulting, along with owning a small business consulting company. He led several workstream projects that delivered substantial, positive results for the clients.

Dale holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a MBA from Liberty University.

Email: dmalzi@beckwaygroup.com