a personal commitment to our clients' success

Our experts serve middle-market private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We specialize in optimizing the investment value of privately held businesses through hands-on talent management and front-line execution horsepower. Our proprietary software delivers dramatic insights to maximize operating results. We achieve this in three ways:

How We Do It

  • Trailblazers Our Operators are experienced transformation executives who work side-by-side with you and your management teams to drive strategic initiatives and EBITDA growth.
  • Tracking Technologies VectorMarks, our cloud-based software, enables you to target, track and triage strategic initiatives, providing you with the transparency you need.
  • Talent Finders Our hybrid approach to executive search identifies and provides you with the best talent for your specific needs. After all, even the best solutions are valueless without the right people to implement them.

Our People